Some Clarifications

I am going to muddy the waters.

The faculty of wonder can get us into all kinds of trouble. Don’t take me to say that it is always and everywhere good. I imagine it is also the aspect of the philosopher that is drawn to transgress the boundaries of the language.

Two propositions from the Tractatus:

1. “The world is everything that is the case.”
7. “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

Silence. We cannot speak in the silence.

Again the place to read about the aspects of these “beginnings and endings” is on Quantum Est In Rebus Inane. Just as it is the faculty of wonder that keeps us running the race, doing the activity of philosophy, it is also the faculty that can push us too far in that activity. Effectively, it lets us hear the bang of the first proposition and keep the bang ringing on and on well after it should have subsided. We get too inebriated with the world and attempt to subsume the ineffable into the effable.

Proposition 7 demands that we make something like a leap of faith, one into a realm that is so magnificent that we cannot express our wonder. We cannot in any way yell back to those we left on the cliff from which we took flight.

If any of this makes any sense, then I take it to have shown something, not to have said anything.

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